Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ferryboat's busy day -
crossing the fjord eastwards,
then westwards.

We visited Norway / Lyngen-fjord yesterday. Windy but sunny day. We had a good travel schedule; driving first 300 km up (186 miles) and then turned back. That 300 km was by the Kåfjord. I followed how this small ferry boat sailed from the west side of Lyngen-Fjord. When returned backwards I looked to the North, and that same ferryboat was there now sailing from the east to the west. (Lyngseidet.)

We had nice cups of coffee from our thermos, and headed back homewards. (Our home is now in Muonio; we hired a cottage for one week herefrom.)

Our thermos run of, no more coffee. Just kilometers after kilometers..

See below:

This was yesterday, so we survived!


Bill said...

Haiku is to poetry as espresso is to coffee

Tikkis said...

;-) We have just now Book Fair in Turku; visiting there all those three days.

Having some coffee, (and some brandy, perhaps...)