Saturday, July 16, 2011

Some rust was found in our roof. We had to order a painters' team to solve that problem.

Painting took some more days we expected due to some rain...

* * *

Our nights are getting longer down here, in Turku.

My friend told me they'll have a sunset next week. He lives at Utsjoki, in Lappland. (H 24 sunny period begun at May 20th.)

Streetlamps needed longer and longer...

Shiny nights -
street lamps'
rusted memory


Anonymous said...

Oh what ingenious poetry! I love this imagery! Great!

Best wishes

Tikkis said...

Hello Rudi! That part of this years stress is now mostly passed. (The bill just to be paid...)

Anonymous said...

Hi Juhani,

I am confused. Did you get any information that I am going to retire? My last day to teach will be next Wednesday...

"That part of this years stress is now mostly passed."

The Internet sometimes has hidden places. Somewhow facts seek its way.

But anyway it isn't a real secret. Here we come together - in retirement.

Best wishes

Tikkis said...

Ah Rudi, you too!
Keep yourself healthy! And active.

This roof-painting project was for me as something to do; I just looked how they painted our roof.

(Today I paid their bill, it was not a small one...)