Monday, June 13, 2011

Peaceful countryside

I have spent several days now just traveling all around our Lappland... Now staying in the middle Lappland, near Swedish border. We hired a cottage here.

the wind, either,
not allowed
to rest

Our car in the parking lot is so happy; the sun warming her days and nights. A hay(na)ku:

all over
the unsleepy sun

As you know, the sunrise here was around May 23rd, and next sunset will be around 18th. July. This place is 68 Degs North. (Muonio.)

where to wander


Bill said...

Don't forget your sun screen.

Devika said...

sun busy
wind too busy
we keep wondering
what the whole business is about

enjoyed reading, Tikkis :)


Carlos Gesmundo said...

Tikkis -- Loved this haiku "travelogue".

Warm regards.

Lunettes De Soleil Ed Hardy said...

so great post,thans