Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yesterday we found the very first blossoming coltsfoot,see here! (Click on the photo there.)

This bud here is just going to wake up. Click on it and the spider's thread is seen.

Kigo word: Spring (springhtening)


Anonymous said...

I like this ku. Issa would like it as well. He used to talk to animals and nature.

Best wishes

Masago said...


Bill said...

"Springhtening." Hmmm.

Good one.

Tikkis said...

Rudi: Yes, sure. We are the nature. When inside the forest I'm listening all that talking, whisperings. Nice.

My grandmom also talked to her flowers; they did like it. And grandmom was also happy with her flowers.. .-)

Thanks Masago!

And Bill: I appreciate your (kind) comment!

There were a synonym-like springtening, too.

These pwoerms etc is something I'm interesting in, but there should be careful, as crossing the wintry river on the weak ices .-)

weiki weiki,
kevät tuloo

glossary: weiki = wake
spaideri = spider
kevät = spring
tuloo = Finnish Ostrobothnian = tulee = coming

Magyar said...

__Spiders tie loose thoughts together.

John McDonald said...

very good Tikkis