Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Radio Telegraphy

Finnish Radio Officers celebrated yesterday; our Union is 90 years old. Telegraphy is no more used commercially. I met many retired Radio Officers; returned from Helsinki with an old friend of mine. In the train's cafe he had one beer and I a small bottle of red wine.

We sailed on the high seas a while. I remembered my trip up to Canadian NWT:
a message
from the northern icefields --
drifting iceberg


Magyar said...

a slow message
sent across the water
salt current

I like the reunion, Tikkis. _m

Tikkis said...

Some 98 years ago Titanic met a small iceberg; she sunk 15th April 1912 at 02:20 in the morning (-night))There was a sudden need for the lifeboats...


these are not
from the sky --
salty drops

Bill said...

This is very good, rich in the lore of the sea and economical in expression. I would drop "a" in line 3.

Tikkis said...

Bill: L3 without a is a neat suggestion,

I had at first something like "one of the icebergs ... then just "a" was left, not any specific, but also an idea to add "s": icebergs ...
OK, took it away; saving world text economy!

Gillena Cox said...

well done

much love

Anonymous said...

A depressive thought that climate will change. I can feel the change while reading your ku. It has got a message for me

Have a nice Sunday

Devika said...

Good news...and good haiku, Tikkis...wish you a warm winter :)

my friend Rudi, makes me want to add, climate will keep changing...but there are things that don't friendship :)


Masago said...


Tikkis said...

Thanks for your kind comments.

Found following from Wallace Stevens:
The sea is a form of ridicule.
The iceberg settings satirize

The demon that cannot be himself,
That tours to shift the shifting scene.

(From the poem The Man with the Blue Guitar)