Sunday, February 14, 2010

White winter & the greenhouse effect

I wrote a comment in Adelaide's blog:

winter morning in bed --
no rush
to make any breakfast

Adelaide's blog

Sometimes I write comments here and there, making those look like three liners. Sometimes those perhaps are also haiku.

We have got some snow here, too, but not so much.

Freezing cold it has also been; our warming system is working days and nights. Working anyway. Here is one variation for this snowy climate:

new white snow
on an old white snow --
our greenhouse turning white?

I wrote a wintry-train story (such a haibun) in my Finnish blog, from that serie I left one and now wrote it into Bill's blog:

in a trembling train
sipping my coffee --
the paper cup's warmth

Bill's blog is here.

The language is filled with interesting variations:

in a trembling rain
sipping my coffee --
the paper cup's warmth



Devika said...


winter morning
i find myself sleeping
in the kitchen

trembling train
a paper-cup balances itself
on the window

White House-
the President wants
it green? :)


Bill said...

Good work, tikkis. And, Devika, I love that cup balancing itself.

Devika said...

Thank you, Bill :)


Janet said...

that sounds like
Saturday morning
sleeping in


Tikkis said...

Devika :-)

chilly kitchen --
tea pot not
in a whistling mode

travelling alone
in a litter basket --
an empty paper cup

unemployed painters
with a green paint --
Art Gallery closed today

Bill: me too!


That noise!?
Forgot to readjust
my alarm clock

Devika said...

aahh ha, ooo ho :)

chilli chicken
in the frying pan --
bluer flame

flying off the window
a papercup lands on a boat -- destination not known

Year of bio-diversity
they paint the building
cow-dung green


Juhani Tikkanen said...

sorry for my delayed comment:

chilled chicken
in the whirring freezer --
having fried eggs

a boat sailing
beyond the horizon --
the scent of salt

a calm afternoon --
a sudden noise
of a dunging cow